The Solkav Refrigeration is built specifically for the application of Ice rinks and whose specific requirements:

A. Screw technoloy: 4 compressors for redundancy

B. Evaporator at 3 ° C In - Outlet difference

C. Air condensation with max. temp. Δ 6 ° C

D. Double circulation pumps for redundancy and 100% reliability

E. Indoor - Split solution or container installation depending on structural position at the customer
F. always designed for ice floor minimum temperature of -10 ° CDie 

SOLKAV IceBoosting - multiple Waste Heat recovery

For our refrigeration units we offer multiple waste heat recovery.

That means, waste heat recovery for
- Ice Resurfacing (55 ° C)
- Under floor heating
- Snow Pit Heating
- Swimming Pool   (38 ° C)
- Air heating for Ice hall at 38 ° / 30 ° C
At 100% utilization of the waste heat the savings potential p.a. in kWh is 1.5 m - 1.2. This corresponds with an energy price of 30,000 € (Russia) to 50,000 € (Western Europe). Our GREEN POWER therefore makes economic wise a lot of sense.

TRIPLE USE Ice Rink cooling - Heat pump use - Waste heat recovery


We even go a step further by involving more of our Solar-heat pump know how to use the  investment also in summer time:

- to run the refrigeration system in REVERSE CHANGE MODE as an air heat pump (in the break time of the ice rink) to continue to heat with minimal energy consumption (because high ambient temperatures) the heated swimming pool and the shower of water.

- to run the refrigeration system in TRIPLE USE MODE (Ice Rink cooling - Heat pump use - Waste heat recovery).  Remark: Fully integrated solutions to operate the refrigeration system as a heat pump, air conditioning, solar cooling and ice chiller are possible and was built by us.