Ice floor systems


The offered range of Ice Rink / ice floor systems by SOLKAV is
Concrete slab technology - ALUSTAR (full aluminium) technology- EPDM Ice mats - SPORTSOLAR

Ice Rinks with concrete slab technology


Solkav - PE / concrete slab technology is characterized by
1. diffusion dense PP tubes with aluminum inlet to achieve 100% density diffusion
- [nbsp] OD 25 mm,
- [nbsp] 10 tubes / per rm
2. isoliated manifolds
3. perfect long-standing stable base
a. underfloor heating in the sand
B. 15 cm of insulation (700 kPa working pressure)
c. sliding foil
d. highest possible concrete quality
e. no epoxy or other coating
f. dashboard posts located outside the concrete runway


- Highest-quality concrete (water content less than 170 kg / ;
[nbsp] Cement least 330 kg / )
- limitation of floor unevenness to max. 4 mm in 4 m
- wet drying
- no epoxy or other coating
and thus

50 YEARS lifetime and more

Aluminium Ice Floor


The all-aluminum technology ALU STAR was developed on one hand to keep even in extreme outside whether conditions outdoor ice and on the other hand to ensure lowest energy consuption (outside Ice rinks and in Ice halls) and installed cooling capacity.

The system is patented and protected worldwide.

The all-aluminum system consists of:

1. ALU panels of 1 x 5 m, with 20 per ALU pipes rm
2. 1 m long tube headers with 3 reverse return system (DA 100 or DA 160)
3. Deflector units
and is easy to install

ALUSTAR is the best system in terms of consumption of electrical energy [nbsp] [nbsp]

- 12% in comparison to all other mobile systems (Ice World, EPDM)
- 20% in comparison to all flooring systems [nbsp]

ALU STAR is also ideal for ice halls:

 The total investment compared to PE / concrete slab floors shows little additional cost

 + 75 EURO / m² additional costs
 -  45 EURO / m² avoiding the concrete structure
 -  20 EURO / m² reduced cooling capacity
 in total it amounts about 10 EURO / m² higher Investment

 But you get of advantages:

 1. No  concrete damage possible
 2. Extremely fast change in Ice floor temperature
 (-3 ° C Ice Dancing, - 10 ° C Hockey)
 3. Energy cost Savings per annum of 120.000 kWh or 15.000-20.000 EURO

EPDM Ice mat technology

Ice mats made ​​from EPDM are extremely reliable product. We offer them in various versions due to the [nbsp] applications and client requirements: [nbsp]

- Black Ice Mats as a standard material, reliable and cost-

- White mats made from two component EPDM for rapid ice making (using the solar reflection of white floors)

- 7 mm inner diameter for Ice rinks of up to 35 m length

- 9 mm inner diameter for Ice rinks up to 60 m length

We also build Ice rinks with this Ice mats system (the world's first ice rink on basis of this principle Solkav built 1993 in Austria - St. Pölten built (see photo):

We build:
- 9 mm EPDM
- Insulated collector pipes on the short side
- Perfect underfloor: Under floor heating in the sand bed, 15 cm insulation (700 outlet), slide foil, concrete quality to 3 cm movement designed
The investment is something [nbsp] cheaper than concrete / PE and ensures a uniform quality of ice and ice temperature

SPORTSOLAR - A trade mark of our company

Ice mats integrated in a tartan floor of highest and longlasting quality.

Patent protected

Sportsolar is not just a registered trademark,  

but also patent protected.

SPORTSOLAR for mulitfuncional sport and Ice Rink use

As a sports ground, the flooring is built like tartan - running track. It can be constructed water-permeable, so it can be built without gradient.

It is appropriate for ball sports such as tennis, basketball, handball, badminton.

The uniform EPDM based structure guarantees in combination with high-quality EPDM long-term durability. The oldest SPORTSOLAR installation, built under the patent protected system dates from the mid-90s and is still in operation.


A variant of the sport solar field is the full version tennis court, in sand quality. The construction is performed in two stages. The lower layer is Ice mats in Sportsolar way. Above a fleece is installed, which is filled with red mineral. You can use it than to play like on sand.

SPORTSOLAR as Ice rink

The same technique will be used in winter as a skating rink. Then the liquide in the tube system is a glycol-water mixture, cooled with a chiller. [nbsp]

The installed technology (the sport surface as well as the cooling technology) can be used twice:
- In the winter being an ice skating rink
       using the waste heat for an indoor pool??
       so that the energy cost of the Ice Rink are free?
- In spring, summer and fall as an integrated solar + heat pump system with the "normal" energy savings
- and always at the same time as a sports facility

SPORTSOLAR for 400 m Ice track use

SportSolar can be used in winter also as an Ice Track and in summer as a running surface (400 meters of track). The coating structure is commensurate with the requirements of the sport (nail boots) defined individually.