For ice usage is required in addition to the ice rink technology still many specific accessories for the operation of the rink:

1. Ice care (Ice resurfacer, Edger, Blade sharpener)

2. Skates, and skate sharpener, skate racks

3. Changing facilities for hockey (Changing Room, lockers, benches, mats)

4. Spectator tribunes

5. Scorebaords and watches

Ice Care


For the ice care of large ice rink (56 x 26 up to 60 x 30) xou need large Ice Resurfacing Machines. Solkav has various offers in it´s product range:

OKAY Dupon 3500 (with gas or petrol) or 3800 (with electric drive and docking station).

Both machines are characterized by their robustness, have the necessary blade width of 2m, a water tank of 1m ³ and a snow tank of 3 volume.


Alternatively we can also offer the product line from the Canadian manufacturer Olympia, the world's next to Zamboni leading brand. Olympia machines are available with all engine types (gas, petrol and electric).

For the band range can be either used a built-in Ice Resurfacer edger or an external belt sander (edger). 


To sharpen the Ice Resurfacers blade regularly, it makes sense to buy a special sharpener machine (blade sharpener).

For the successful operation of an ice rink, you also need the ice skate infrstructure, consisting of

- ice skates

- the storage rackes; usefully with drying device for footwear

- Skae grinder with vacuum cleaser device and accessories for all types of grinding.

For the hockey operation, you need special

Changing Room courts,

and of course

- Benches

- Gymnastic mats and

- lockers.

For the spectator area, there are stairs in all sizes and comfort levels, and sidewalk systems that are individually adapted to the enriched hall.

For the hockey operation, we can offer you special for ice rinks and the Ice hall temperature conditions developed electronic scoreboards and clocks.